Tim Maguire Exhibition – October 2012

Exquisite….extraordinary … passion….overwhelming beauty.

These are just some of the superlatives used to describe the works of acclaimed Australian artist Tim Maguire.

And Denise and I, as Directors of The Swansea Gallery, are bringing a major Tim Maguire Exhibition to Perth.

Tim Maguire burst into national prominence in 1993 when he won the prestigious and coveted Moet and Chandon Fellowship.

It was undoubtedly the breathtaking colour of his works which took Tim Maguire to the forefront of Australia’s contemporary artists. His spectacular paintings and prints are now in demand, not only in Australia but in Europe and North America.

Denise and I became aware of Tim’s work about ten years ago and since then we have been enamoured, indeed captivated, by the rich and vivid colour of his paintings. They are beautiful and brilliant.

Denise’s  favourite collection piece is the Tim Maguire Berries – a large and visually splendid painting which now spans the entire wall of our dining room.

In collaboration with the Tolarno Galleries of Melbourne, we are proud and privileged to bring to Perth the exhibition entitled TIM MAGUIRE 19 VIEW STREET.

The works to be on show – and for sale – here will be sourced from many collections and will be an eclectic range highlighting the diversity and exuberant colour and style of this master painter.

The works you will see are comparable to those gracing homes, business foyers, boardrooms and public and corporate collections across Australia and Europe.

Tim Maguire has won six major art prizes and his countless exhibitions include those in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, New Zealand, New York, Zurich, London and, Paris.

Those of you who attended our Jeffrey Smart Exhibition will recall the enthusiasm with which WA art lovers greeted that collection.

We are confident that you will enjoy the Tim Maguire 19 View Street with similar appreciation.

Yes, it will be held at 19 View Street in Peppermint Grove, for one week only.

19 View Street, itself, has a rich tapestry of Perth history. This mansion was built more than a century ago for the famous Samson family of Fremantle and over the years has been a focal point for society events.

It is destined to be demolished to make way for a more modern home with its own gallery. To hold the Tim Maguire collection there will not only be a fitting way to farewell the old mansion but it will be in keeping with current exhibitions in Europe and Australia. Notable examples are the Venice Biennale and the Biennale of Sydney. The latter is held in derelict industrial buildings on Cockatoo Island.

19 View Street moves us away from the pristine white cube of contemporary galleries and will be replaced by the lavish colours of  25 works of Tim Maguire against the background of a fading icon of Perth’s colonial days.

For one week only, from October 14 to October 21, Perth’s most exclusive suburb will come into full bloom, not just with the flowers of Spring, but with the exciting and arguably unrivalled colour of one of Australia’s most talented and renowned contemporary artists.

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying our hospitality and fine wines at Tim Maguire 19 View Street.